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Goalscape Discount and Promotional Codes

Goalscape is a great piece of software developed by Olympic sailors to really visualise goals. Of course goal setting is critical to becoming the best in the world in a sport, but this great piece of software has so many uses in ‘normal’ peoples’ personal and business lives. We wrote about Goalscape as a goal setting tool in […]

Twin Pole Downhaul Setup

This sketch shows the set up for rigging the twin spinnaker pole downhaul tensioners as often used on a modern Merlin rocket

Sailboat rudder design

Most dinghies sailors won’t care less about rudder design, as many classes are fairly prescriptive about the shape and size of their rudders – to be ‘in’ class. If that applies to your sailing boat class then, you just need to keep your rudder blade in perfect condition, fill any nicks and dents and ensure […]

Understanding Risk of Collision for the Recreational Boater

Understanding Risk of Collision for the Recreational Boaterr By Captain Andrew F. Seligman An essential part of being a responsible and prudent recreational boater is to know and understand the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (72 Colregs) and the United States Inland Rules. These two sets of regulations and rules, commonly known as […]

Sail Care Guide

So you’ve just received your new sails for the season… here are some handy tips from Dave Dobrijevic of Dynamic Sails to help you get the maximum performance and longevity out of them. Over the years sailmaking techniques have advanced and the sailcloth we use on our dinghy racing sails today is very different to […]