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Finding the right destination to suit your level of sailing

There’s never been a better time to get into sailing and if you get the chance to go on your sailing vacations with friends or rent a yacht charter for your family then jump at the opportunity because, before you know it, you’ll be hooked. Like anything, practice makes perfect and sailing presents many challenges […]

Yacht Masters Course – Certificate of Competence

Sailing is a fun and challenging activity enjoyed by many. It is a form of recreation which requires a high level of skill. While not many are able to afford their own boats, there is no reason why this activity should not be accessible for those even on a budget. In fact, these days there […]

What is the Day Skipper Qualification?

The Day Skipper qualification is one of the most widely recognised worldwide qualifications in sailing. Most yacht charter companies will insist that at least one person holds the Day Skipper qualification before allowing them to charter a yacht. The Day Skipper qualification demonstrates that the holder has a basic level of skills in boat handling […]

Learning the ropes

Tying knots is an essential part of sailing. Most boats have plenty of rope, as rope is the most effective form of running rigging.   Today I won’t go into the details of knot tying, but rather I will refer you to simply the best website there is on knot tying. There is no need […]

Goal Setting – The Professional Approach

Goal Setting – The Professional Approach Have you set any goals for the coming season? If you have, then well done – you are on the right track. Of all the things that full-time, professional sailors do that the rest of us weekend warriors do not do, structured goal setting is probably the most important. […]

Goalscape Discount and Promotional Codes

Goalscape is a great piece of software developed by Olympic sailors to really visualise goals. Of course goal setting is critical to becoming the best in the world in a sport, but this great piece of software has so many uses in ‘normal’ peoples’ personal and business lives. We wrote about Goalscape as a goal setting tool in […]

Understanding Risk of Collision for the Recreational Boater

Understanding Risk of Collision for the Recreational Boaterr By Captain Andrew F. Seligman An essential part of being a responsible and prudent recreational boater is to know and understand the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (72 Colregs) and the United States Inland Rules. These two sets of regulations and rules, commonly known as […]