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Why Phuket is the Next Big Yachting Destination

Perhaps the single most idyllic holiday destination on planet earth, the Thai island of Phuket is one of Asia’s most captivating destinations. Amongst Phuket’s considerable charms are the peace and quiet of island life, the tropical rainforests that hug gravity defying mountains, the golden beaches that stretch to infinity, the warm waters that maintain a […]

Finding the right destination to suit your level of sailing

There’s never been a better time to get into sailing and if you get the chance to go on your sailing vacations with friends or rent a yacht charter for your family then jump at the opportunity because, before you know it, you’ll be hooked. Like anything, practice makes perfect and sailing presents many challenges […]

Five superb water sport holiday destinations in USA:

Are you a water sport lover? Looking for some fun? Then it is the best time to visit the amazing water sport holiday destinations in USA. If you are visiting USA for the first time, then fill up your ESTA VISA application now and have a memorable trip to USA. Going for a water sport […]

Why Stockholm is the Yachting Capital of the World

Plenty of cities stake a claim to being the yachting or sailing capital of the world, from sunny Fort Lauderdale in Florida to sedate Annapolis in Maryland, while cities such as Monte Carlo, Empuriabrava, Singapore and Dubai all vouch for having some of the largest marinas and biggest yachting scenes on the planet. Yet perhaps […]

Yacht Masters Course – Certificate of Competence

Sailing is a fun and challenging activity enjoyed by many. It is a form of recreation which requires a high level of skill. While not many are able to afford their own boats, there is no reason why this activity should not be accessible for those even on a budget. In fact, these days there […]

What is the Day Skipper Qualification?

The Day Skipper qualification is one of the most widely recognised worldwide qualifications in sailing. Most yacht charter companies will insist that at least one person holds the Day Skipper qualification before allowing them to charter a yacht. The Day Skipper qualification demonstrates that the holder has a basic level of skills in boat handling […]

A Modern Day Voyage around the Locations of Homer’s Odyssey

It is known as the most epic journey ever taken, and immense voyages ever since have been called Odysseys in homage to the thrilling original. Homer’s Odyssey follows the trials and tribulations of the hero Odysseus as he travels back from the war in Troy to his home on the island of Ithaca in order […]



Popular areas to sail in Greece

Greece is rightly known for its fantastic sailing with over 2000 islands ranging from internationally known party spots to secluded coves and deserted beaches. Throw in a heap of culture (at the very least some great food and drink) and ancient archeological sites for good measure and the Greek islands really do have something for […]

Credit Where Credit is Due: Top Five Sailing Destinations in 2012

Sick of hearing about the economic crisis? It is inescapable, even on holiday. You don’t have to speak French or German or Spanish to understand the visibly-greying faces of politicians on the front pages, nor the shrieking headlines about the latest numerical disaster. Numbers don’t lie. Neither, it seems, do letters. One of the most […]