Summer Time Fun on the Water

When it’s hot in the summer many people like to participate in activities that take place on the water. Most of them do these activities at the beach or on a lake. The following are some of these fun water activities.

Jet Skis:

A jet ski is a water vehicle that runs via jet-propeller. It is ridden similar to the way a motorcycle is ridden and it skims across the surface of the water. They typically hold two people and are a great deal of fun.

Some companies that make motorcycles also make jet skis. Some of the popular brands are Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda. The price will vary in price based on the brand, the year it was made and the condition. The average price for a new jet ski is about $10,000 to $13,000 however, the price can go up to about $15,000.

Don’t worry though, with today’s economy many people cannot afford to buy a jet ski due to their high end prices. Thankfully, there are often times Jet Ski rental stores near most main beaches. When you rent you only have to pay an hourly fee so it will be much more affordable.

Water Skiing:

Water skiing is a water sport that is enjoyed by many individuals and families. This water sport involves the participant being pulled by a boat on a cable ski installation. The skis then skim across the surface of the water while the person holds onto the handle of the cable connected to the back of the boat while standing on the skis.

The average speed of water skiers is anywhere from 20 to 40 miles per hour, depending on how experienced you are at the sport.

Power Boats:           

Power boats are great for skiing, wake surfing, fishing, and just cruising. They come in all sizes, styles, and price ranges depending on your personal need. They can have cabins with sleeping quarters (cruisers) or open air without a cabin. Prices vary depending on new, used, size, and styles. Before you buy a boat be sure to take the proper boating courses and equip your craft with safety equipment.


A yacht is a boat that is very luxurious. This type of boat usually has an indoor cabin for the passengers to enjoy. There are some very useful amenities that are inside the cabin. The amenities have changed quite a bit over the years due to the advance in technology and luxury.

Some of the amenities that you may see today are televisions which sometimes come with satellite, DVD and Blu-ray players, or gaming devices. They may also include a kitchen that is suitable for you during your travels, a bed or bedroom, and some of the very luxurious yachts will even include a fitness center with the main fitness equipment.

Many people, including families, enjoy taking their vacation on their yacht which is partially the reason for all of these amenities. However, the amount and quality of these luxuries will often depend on the size of the cabin. Prices of these boats vary based on brand, amenities, and how luxurious. Just like jet skis, most of the popular coastal regions will have yacht rental companies so that you can experience this luxury without the high price tag.

These are just a few of the water activities that are extremely fun, especially in the summer time. All of these activities are great for families to experience during vacation or on a hot day. Some other activities are fishing, speed boats, surfing, and so on. So when summer time comes along and you want to enjoy some fun on the water, you can then use the above activities as suggestions for you and your family.

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