Five Reasons to go on a Sailing Vacation other than R & R

If you can picture yourself lazing on warm decking as fluffy white clouds float overhead and colorful fish swim underneath, then you’ve either got a very good imagination or you’re one of the lucky ones who’s experienced life afloat.

Of course, these days, you don’t have to own a yacht to appreciate the pleasure of sailing; in fact, you don’t even have to know how to sail to be able to make the most of life on the ocean wave. From bareboat charters to renting a boat complete with crew, there’s never been a better time to explore the world from this extremely unique and rewarding perspective.

But what happens once you’re on-board? What is there to do as you glide effortlessly across calm waters? Surely there’s more to life than sumptuous sundowners and catching a tan?

In the words of Brian Cohen: ‘There’s no pleasing some people.’

For everyone who’s thinking about heading out on a sailing vacation, below are five alternative reasons why a life on the ocean wave offers a lot more than good old-fashioned rest and recuperation.

Get creative

There’s just no way that you won’t be inspired by all those wonderful shades of blue and green, so remember to pack your camera, sketch pad and even your paint brush because once your creative juices start flowing there’ll be no turning back. Top tip: keep a note pad and pen with you at all times and jot down those little snippets of inspiration as the moment strikes.

Get active

From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean there’s always an excuse to jump off and dive into the surrounding warm waters. Swimming, snorkeling and SCUBA diving are all fabulous ways to keep fit while you’re on vacation and if you’re looking to shed a few pounds while on-board then hoisting the main sail and scrubbing the deck will get you working landlubber muscles that you never knew existed.

Life’s a beach

As you’ll be in the enviable position of discovering the hidden coves and sparkling shallows that normal castaways fail to reach, there’s every chance that you’re going to set foot on your very own desert island paradise. If you’ve ever wanted to play at Robinson Crusoe or just fancied a fish grill on a soft white sand beach, then now’s your chance.

Wildlife watching

Any sailing vacation is bound to encounter more than its fair share of wildlife and the moment you see that pod of dolphins are hear the splash of a whale’s tail, then you’ll know that your wildest sailing dreams have come true. From glass-bottomed boats to snorkeling or diving, chances to experience marine life in its natural habitat are as plentiful as technicolor sunsets. Top tip: do a little bit of research before you go to find out more about your chosen destination’s marine parks and seasonal migrations.

Land ahoy!

Yacht rental vacations aren’t just about time spent away from land and you’ll quickly discover that sailing gives you the freedom to pick and choose your destinations as effortlessly as putting a pin in a map. Sleepy fishing villages, sexy modern marinas and scenic anchorages all present the chance to down the gang plank and explore new shores before retiring to your berth ready to do it all again in the morning.

If you’re still looking for excuses to go on a bareboat charter or fully-crewed yacht vacation then just imagine yourself wearing one of those funky little captains’ hats set at a jaunty angle and I can guarantee that everything else will slide right into place.

Chris is longing to go on a yacht rental vacation and often claims to hear the call of the manatee whilst lying awake at night.

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