Quality Protein for Sports

Why am I talking about my local butcher in Pyrford?

Ever wondered how important diet is for Sailors? Well of course it is. Just as any sport you need to respect your body by making sure you use to quality food as fuel.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And that is so true. After a hard days sailing, we all come ashore ready to eat a horse. But of course, being British we don’t do that sort of thing.

But for the non vegetarians amongst us, we need to stock up on quaility meat protein as well as carbs to help rebuild our energy levels. Whether that is a fun day sailing on the lake of a bit or a bigger cross ocean excursion.

We are very luck to have a quality butcher here in Pyrford, what has surprised me now I shop at the Pyrford Butchers that for a few pennies more you can get meat that is fantastically better than at the supermarkets.

Obviously, this is a blog about sailing, not my local Pyrford Butchers, but as sailing as a sport, requires physical well being. generally the fitter you are, the better you perform. Fitness for sailing is a whole new chapter and covers both mind and body fitness. Both mind and body is fueled by food, so there you have the link.

Some people take the approach that they can use protein supplements, but frankly they don’t taste as nice as a good bit of sirloin steak, do they? And there is so much difference between that stringy tough stuff they sell in supermarkets and properly raised meat. Go on, you no you deserve it. You’d be surprised at the difference.

Long live the local shops and long live Pyrford Butchers. Keep us well fed so we can sail well!

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