London Boat Show 2012

The London Boat Show is a traditional January venture for sailors who are missing sailing in the deep mid winter blues.

This year the Tullet Prebon London Boat Show was opened by Tamara Ecclestone. She was wearing a pink two piece, but what was different to expectations was she opened the show barefoot.

Formula 1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter brought some glamour to the proceedings but was forced to abandon her trade mark £2,000 Louboutin’s shoes so she did not damage the decks of the multi-million pound deck she was standing on.

The London Boat Show is a great place to go to find a suitable sailing holiday for the summer, amongst the many exhibitors you can find:

And a whole host of sailing schools.

Why not visit the London Boat Show in real life? For more information on the show and exhibitors see


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