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Quality Protein for Sports

Why am I talking about my local butcher in Pyrford? Ever wondered how important diet is for Sailors? Well of course it is. Just as any sport you need to respect your body by making sure you use to quality food as fuel. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. […]

Great prices and deals on SMS and get 10 free text messages

Ok, so this isn’t about learning to sail, or sailing holidays, its just we want to share a great service provider with you. is a great low cost, discount provider of SMS text messages, in bulk. To start off with they give you 10 free text messages. Then you buy credits, starting at 100 […]

9 Different types of sailing holidays explained

The following type of sailing holiday are explained, there are of course many variations, and different types are more predominant in different parts of the world. Feel free to lets us know in the comments, of any alternative formats you have come across, and also share your top tips from your experiences. Flotilla Flotilla sailing allows those with little experience the […]

Single Berth Sailing Holidays

At the London Boat show, the Cowes based One Stop Sailing launched their exiting single berth Holidays in Croatia. They have achieved this by partnering with Sailing Europe. These single berth holidays don’t need to be restricted to sailing, but include other adventures such as snorkeling, cycle rides, climbing and much more. However, if you […]

London Boat Show 2012

The London Boat Show is a traditional January venture for sailors who are missing sailing in the deep mid winter blues. This year the Tullet Prebon London Boat Show was opened by Tamara Ecclestone. She was wearing a pink two piece, but what was different to expectations was she opened the show barefoot. Formula 1 mogul Bernie […]

Learning the ropes

Tying knots is an essential part of sailing. Most boats have plenty of rope, as rope is the most effective form of running rigging.   Today I won’t go into the details of knot tying, but rather I will refer you to simply the best website there is on knot tying. There is no need […]